Mindfull summer

Midsummer – magic, Scandinavian Nights

Summerdays here in DK are incredibleđź’•Humming, buzzing, flying with long days full of light, long nights and hours spent in front of campfires.
This year I spent my holiday settling in my new place (moved in January) and teaching my students yoga because they didn’t want to miss out in praxis. And since I’m on the mat every day – they can just as well join me.
So much love fills my heart every day. The new place is magic; close to the sea, inviting for morning swims, coffee by the seaside, late breakfast, talks with likeminded and a broader and broader perspective to mindfull living.
My invitation is to let in all the beauty You surround yourself with every day. It doesn´t have to be grand and impressive. Start with nature and the wonders there. We all have a piece of it in our neighborhood. Go out and find it, collect with your senses, let it in, let it fill you and nourish you.
No one goes through life without scars, but the lesson is: Scars get lighter in the atmosphere of beauty. It´s the law of simplicity. So cherish it all – also the darkness because it tought you what to leave behind. Your choise is right here and Now; in this moment, in this beauty, breath, passion, honesty, light and depth.
Happy Best summer, All!

Early early morning-swims that grounds you, brings the soul in harmony with nature and a deep deep balance

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