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Your Coach

My name is Helene Krenchel

Helene Krenchel, coach, mentor and teacher on mindfull healthy lifestyle

I teach, write and coach passionately on mindfull, healthy lifestyle. I have been through stress and an overloaded lifestyle to live a grounded and powerfull life – a process I teach students from all walks of life to integrate into their lives.

You learn how to listen to your inner guidances of natural health – the guidance we ALL have but very often come out of touch with because we are bombarded with information from all sides. Well-meaning information but often out of synch with WHAT FITS YOU.

Working with me means finding-back-home. To YOURSELF. Not to me. My aim is to guide you as fast as possible into your own inner power where you with ease hear your own guidances. What to eat, drink, not eat, not drink, excersises that are good for you, friendships that nourish you and activities that uplift you and bring joy.

Together we give your life a total overlook from all corners and make you sense from deep inside if there is power stored in your activities or if they rather drain you. A super important process that will lead you to more power and a stronger connection to the person you were meant to be.

I offer you my undivided attention and professional help. You can choose to join a group or work individually with me. You get all the techniques that helped me back to the Inner Power. Breathing, relaxing, meditation and self-reliance. We integrate the techniques in your everyday life so you can navigate safely from task to task on your own body-feedback. A very strong place to be in life.


  • My coachees are from all businesses and they talk about a rapid growing Inner Power feeling. That they go from relying on outer authorities to listening to their own inner voice and thereby take stong decisions in life – health, job and moneywise.

“You are a wonderful teacher. It has been a pleasure to feel your open and mild mind, hear your clever words and I have felt safe all the way. Thank you very much for that. It can´t be better. “Lis, photographer

“Mindfulness has taught me to be present with all my active life – even though it sometimes feels like it has long prospects. I’ve been very much involved in your group.” Dorthe, teacher

“You pointed another way of looking at my challenges You continue to support and believe in the best. It was my great luck that you were right there when I needed it.” Merete, PhD

Helene Krenchel: Holds an PhD, educated teacher and coach and certifyed Mindfulness Instructor (MBI). More than 20 years of experience as a teacher, coach and journalist. Own pracsis in mindful meditation, yoga and breathing exercises.

You can book an 8 weeks course in groups or a one-on-one session. Look under “Contact” or call: +45 40528316

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