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Helene Krenchel teaches students from all walks in life the art of sensing life fully and with all senses sharpened – sight, hearing, tactile and taste

Being kind to yourself is the main theme with my students these weeks. Young students from not so easy backgrounds that have close to never learned the art of taking care of themselves.
How do we do that? Well, that is as variable as we are people but one thing is sure – without a sense of body…it becomes foggy. Knowing ones own borderlines from the bodysensations; tactile, sight, hearing and listening is a helpfull gateway in the proces of being kind to oneself. To know: What do I prefer? What feels good to me? Where and with whom do I flourish, grow and spread my wings?
Questions my students are invited to ask themselves each day when we go for our long walks in the woods. In silence because in silence you have a chance to hear the answers.
Over time the knowledge grows in their bodies and minds. They know when to say no and yes to suggestions, when to move forward and when to make a hold and re-think things. A wonderfull, giving (for all) process that over time and in the coming years of their lives seems to have a profound meaning. Study-/friendship-/health- and living wise.








Mindfulness kursus

Velkommen til Mindfulness hver onsdag i 10 uger. Start d 5.9. á 75 minutter (kl 17:00 -18:15). Blid yoga, meditation og afspænding.

Jeg guider holdet gennem alle tre dele, så træningen bliver en naturlig del af din hverdag. Du får et øvehæfte med hjem, som giver dig grundprincipperne i Mindfulness. Du trækker under hele forløbet på mine mere end 25 års erfaring med selvudvikling, yoga, meditation, sund kost, balance og kropskontakt.

Helene Krenchel har mere end 25 års erfaring og over 500 artikler bag sig om selvudvikling, yoga, spiritualitet og selvomsorg. Hun har-gået-vejen, og kan derfor blidt og nænsomt bringe dig tættere på dit autentiske Indre. Den blødere, dybere og mere sensitive del af dig, som længes efter at komme til udtryk.

  Du opnår:

  • Mere ro
  • Mindre smerte
  • Større selvomsorg
  • Dybere søvn

Du lærer om:

  • Stress
  • Smerte tackling
  • Ikke at dømme egne tanker, følelser og handlinger
  • Møde dig selv med omsorg og nysgerrighed
  • Du skal huske:
  • Blødt tøj + yogamåtte
  • Sms ved afbud (40 52 83 16)
  • Sikre dig en plads (8 i alt): Ved at indbetale 1800 kr – på
  • Adresse: Dyrehavevej 2, 2930 Klampenborg hos Fysio4U(overfor Klampenborg st

Glæder mig til at se dig!  …evt spørgsmål på: mail@helenekrenchel.dk






Wild nature

Every Monday and Tuesday morning I take a 60 minutes walk with my students. In nature. Young people age 18-30, soft and sensitive  sometimes feeling blue and low. We climb, hang out and do trunk-medicine. After 10 minutes: Mood gone, high vibration!
The Japanese have a word for this: “Shinrin-yoku” meaning “forest bathing” – a mindfull bath in the forest´s healing oils.
Did you know that trees give off organic compounds that support our “NK” (natural killer) cells that are part of our immune system’s way of fighting illness? Scientific studies demonstrate these healing effects:
* Increased energy level
* Boosted immune system functioning with an increase in the body’s Natural Killer (NK) cells
* Reduced blood pressure
* Reduced stress
* Improved mood
* Increased ability to focus, even in children with ADHD
* Accelerated recovery from surgery or illness
* Improved sleep

Go enjoy your forest walk and let me know how it works.
Mindfull greeting!



Goals that work

Goal driven? I always realise the trance of setting one goal after the other when the scenery changes. You know that feeling?

Cure? Attitude of gratitude. Take time each day to devote your attention to what is already thriving in your life.

It works wonders – your breath suddenly calms down, your perspecitve widens and your sense of flow, beingness and grounding grows. So much to be gratefull for; relationships, friends, difficulties that get solved, stuck feelings that are transformed…   

Working in the beautifull Memmo Baleira in Portugal – is grace

Easy to say, I know, when the office temporarily has moved to heavenly conditions. But hey – it´s only temporary as all around us is. After that a new scenery emerges, and another and… all to be grateful for. 

Let Tao proceed to do nothing and yet leave nothing undone.


  I hold 1:1 sessions in Mindfull coaching. Book under “Contact” and I´ll make a session.


Love unites

Last week I completed a six months long education with 16 hours examination. Lots of feedback from co-students and teachers (yoga). 26 students, all felt the so familiar nervousness also called fear. Being exposed bodily and mentally on stage is in itself a stretch. Receiving feedback//critics on top – is really a teeth shaker and mouth drier.
The group decided silently not to fall into the well known trap of pointing fingers but share from an honest, loving, open heart. The good stuff and the stuff to work on.
Healing fear together is such a liberating experience. Friends, colleagues, lovers, family members. Maybe The Most important job of all. Dive under the surface together and face whatever tightens us up and breathe through it. Expose ourselves to it and accept that we sometimes don´t know what lies behind. But we trust the opening that awaits on the other side. Just Like the yoga-asanas teach us. Open up to our true authenticity, love and compassion.
The World needs our healed hearts.



Sexy side effect

One of the more rewarding subjects I share with my students is the inevitable setbacks in Conscious Living. Setbacks that in themselves are grow-backs – meaning; challenges to expand from. No matter how honest we have been with ourselves, how close to the core we feel – life gives us constantly opportunities to more conscious choices.
I know the reactions beforehand: “You can`t mean it!? MORE work, more inner archeology…?”
Funny enough, if we compare – what I often do – lifting the consciousness with art, we would never expect a Picasso to say: “I’ve seen it all, tried it all, no more to investigate.”
Same goes for Conscious Living. Its an art-form that walks in spirals; expansion, digest, loose sight, look deeper, broaden the perspective, go higher…on and on ????

For more info on Conscious Living and Conscious Coaching – go to “Contact”




Passionate passion

Best place ever to prepare Yoga Teacher examination. Due late this month.

I feel so grateful for this proces. A full circle is completed. Yoga came into my life as a saviour in my early 30-ies, body full of stress and tension. Couldn’t work, think straight or breathe fully… Racer-Mind and body. Three weeks on the mat daily – symptoms gone! Thanks to wonderful teachers whom I to this day feel deeply grateful for.

Now its my turn – to stand on the teacher-mat. Guiding 26 wonderful fellow-students through a sequence building on Garland pose. Nervous? Yes, but also full of joy, happiness and a sense of Mission Completed.

If you deal with stress I always recommend to start with the grounding effects of movement. Almost any movement, I would say. Pick the one that fits you the best and that brings your attention to your breath, your limbs, your inner sensations. And yes, it can take some time to get there where you at all feel these things. But you know what; it also took us some time to get to where we are now.

So slowly get yourself back to yourself, your body, your life… begins, in my eyes, with movement. Let me guide you, if that feels most comfortable. We do it in a nice studio or over Skype. Your choise. I´m here to fascilitate your coming-back with all my passion for the work and your well being.

My favourite quote, Yogi Bhajan: “Yoga is not going to make you great. Yoga is going to make you you!”


Happy Child

Nourishing the Inner Child floating on Ragusa surrounded by pastel dollhouses – is one way to make the daily practice of reconciling.

In Buddhism reconciling the Wounded Inner Child is when we become aware that we´ve forgotten the child in ourselves and feel great compassion for it.

The seeds of awakened understanding and happiness is handed down to us from our ancestors. We just have to use them. With our mindful breath and mindful steps, we can produce the energy of mindfulness and return to the awakened wisdom lying in each cell of our body. That energy will embrace us and heal us, and will heal the wounded child in us.

So much healing in parenting your inner child. Treat it with kindness and respect. Remembering that healing happens in different ways and time-frames. What works one month might change categorically the next. According to the child’s needs being met.

How do you heal your inner child? In nature? Visiting old favourite places? Play? Laugh?…

If you feel curious about the Mindfull way to Inner Child healing contact through mail and book a Skype session: mail@helenekrenchel.dk




Sexy Shadow

In 1978 this handsome guy – my Dad – took a long, deserved holiday on Rhodes with my Mum. He was a very successful designer, had a great career and a lot of accomplishments. But he also had a lot of hard times visiting his soul. Being a bi-polar spirit he knew all the dark nights and also the very very light ones.

But one thing he mastered to perfection and tought us children was embracing the totality of being – shadow and light. The not-so-sexy moments when we realise our own so called shadow side because we have invested a lot of energy in hiding it and only showing the flashy bright side.

Somehow in his darker moments he reached the wisdom modern psychology today knows as a fact: That not until we embrace both sides – the not-so sexy shadow and OWN it alongside with the brighter appealing side – will our lives flow. It is in the hiding, striving and editing of ourselves that we hide the light, the spirit, the very thing people around us fall in love with.

Mindfulness is certainly one solid way of gaining this insight. Embracing all sides of your personality and…first and foremost: With Loving Kindness. Observing when the so called Dragon shows it´s face – mostly when we are stressed out and over-loaded in the brain and just stay present with the sensations.

How do you own all sides of you? How do you fall in love with that hidden side in you? Life is too short for the in-liner life.

For more info on Mindfull coaching contact on: mail@helenekrenchel.dk



They walk their talk

Harmke Gerritsma og Michaël Bijker i deres kærlige, venlige og fagligt stærke yogaskole i Portugal

(English version below)

“I skal sætte GPSén på 37.085157, -8.922333Bl, så finder I vej”, forklarer yogalærer Harmke Gerritsma over telefonen. Så øde ligger Meka Yoga, hvorfra jeg lige er kommet hjem. I Portugals alleryderste sydvestvendte hjørne mod Atlanterhavet og med en vind så frisk, at da vi stiger ud af bilen, hiver den ordene ud af munden: “Waw! hvor er her FEDT!”

Og det er lige, hvad der er hos Harmke og hendes mand Michaël Bijker – begge uddannede yoga og meditationslærere fra Indien og det meste af verden, hollændere, og med lang akademisk baggrund bag sig. Nu bosat på 6. år i Portugal, hvor de hver uge modtager kursister som os med mod på yoga, saltvand, øko mad, rar stemning og hvile.

Men inden jeg falder helt i svime, skal du have med i optikken, at vi taler om kystvendt natur med en luftfugtighed på 90-100 pct året rundt. Altså; fugtige lagner, håndklæder, T-shirts… ja, alt hvad du rører ved er dampy. Og støvet flyver som usynlige partikler i en konstant vindstyrke på 9-12 m/s.

Og så alligevel forelskede jeg og 8 andre kursister os pladask i de to hollændere, og det er dét, jeg har lyst til at dele med dig. For Harmke og Michaël kan noget, jeg mener er SÅ vigtigt i denne selvudviklende verden, hvor rigtig mange mennesker rejser langt for at finde inspiration og inspirere hinanden til at leve et kærligt og medmenneskeligt liv. They walk-their-talk. Hver lille detalje i deres workshops er fyldt med venlighed lige fra maden, til yogaen, til humoren omkring bordet, hvor de to naturligvis deltager, til babyen der vokser i Harmkes mave, og som alle generøst får del i forventningerne til. Et liv baseret på kærlighed, faglig styrke, autencitet og omsorg for hinanden.

Mindre kan, i mine øjne, heller ikke gøre det, når vi vil nå hinanden i et lærende miljø. Ellers får indholdet nemt en skinger tone, som kommer til at handle om “korrekt adfærd”, “regler”, og en banal forlængelse af det skolesystem, de fleste af os er vokset op med: “Kan du dine lektier”, “har du forstået indholdet”, “hvor dygtig er du.” De fleste af os på selvudviklingens vej vil videre, vi vil mere, vi vil vokse, og det vil vi SAMMEN. Med vores lærere, med hinanden, og med al den viden, vi har samlet gennem årene, og som nu skal finpudses, spejles og opgraderes. Vi er vokset fra sid-ved-guruens-fødder tidsalderen. Vi ønsker kvalificeret modspil i øjenhøjde, og dén vare leverer folk som Harmke og Michaël.

Solnedgang hos https://www.mekayogaretreats.com/,  Portugal

Så, ud over at være genuint glade for hinanden – eller hammerglade for hinanden i en grad der gør fingerkys, morgenkram og opmuntrende smil til en naturlig hverdag – så har de sat et fagligt program sammen, som er støvsuget for banale vendinger. Altså; undervisere der taler med deres kursister og ikke “til” dem. Jeg tror alle kender forskellen.

Men … helt i de tos ånd synes jeg, vi skal høre, hvad de selv har at fortælle om Meka Yoga:

-Vi ønskede fra start at skabe et center, hvor kombinationen af selv-erkendelse og yoga smelter sammen, fortæller Harmke. Vi formulerede det ikke så eksplicit, det groede frem af sig selv. Først brugte vi en del år på at kultivere disciplinen i os selv, og så kom der en dag, hvor vi fik lyst til at dele det med andre.

-Derudover er det vigtigt for os, at vores kursister føler sig frie og sikre til at træffe egne valg i løbet af dagen. Ikke kun i yogaklassen, hvor alle opfordres til at lytte til deres egen krops grænser – men også i fritiden mellem timerne. Har man lyst til at surfe, ride, cykle eller sove i en hængekøje – er det lige værdifuldt i vores øjne. Det tager pres og forventninger ud af samværet.

Endelig er det måske ikke uvæsentlig at nævne, at vi begge er vokset op i hjem, fortæller Michaël, hvor taknemmelighed for livets små og store gaver var en integreret del af hverdagen. Tak for maden, for det gode helbred, for muligheden for at rejse, se Verden, hinanden… en livsindstilling, vi ønsker at dele med vores kursister. Fordi vores moderne kultur så ofte handler om det modsatte – om at “komme videre”, “nå/få mere”, “blive bedre”. Så kombinationen af det frie valg og taknemmelighed anser vi for kerneværdien i vores center.

  • Læs mere om Meka Yoga her: https://www.mekayogaretreats.com/
  • For at komme til Meka Yoga i Sagres, flyver du til Faro og tager enten en lejet bil eller bus. Rejsetid fra lufthavnen: 1 time og 15 minutte


English version:


“You need to put the GPS on 37.085157, -8.922333Bl, then you’ll find the way,” yoga teacher Harmke Gerritsma explains over the phone. That desolate is Meka Yoga, where I have just been. In Portugal’s most south-west corner to the Atlantic Ocean and with a wind so fresh that as we get out of the car, it draws the words out of the mouth: “Wow! Here’s COOL!”

And that’s exactly what you find at Harmke and her husband Michaël Bijker – both educated yoga and meditation teachers from India and most of the world, Dutch, and with a long academic background behind. Now living in the 6th year in Portugal, where they receive weekly students for yoga, salt water, eco food, sweet atmosphere and rest.

But before I praise the place completely, you have to keep in mind that we talk coast-facing nature with a humidity of 90-100 per cent year-round. So; Damp sheets, towels, T-shirts … yes, everything you touch is kind of wet. And the dust flies as invisible particles in a constant wind strength of 9-12 m s.

However, I and 8 other students fell in love with the two Dutch, and that is what I want to share with you here. Because Harmke and Michaël create something that I think is SO important in this self-developing world, where many people travel a long way to find inspiration and inspire each other to live a loving and compassionate life. They walk-their-talk. Every little detail in their workshop is filled with kindness from the food, to the yoga, to the humor around the table, where the two naturally participate, to the baby that grows in Harmke’s belly, and whom they generously share the expectations. A life based on love, professional strength, authenticity and care for each other.

Less, in my eyes, cannot do it when we want to reach each other in a learning environment. Otherwise, the content easily gets a keen tone, which is about “correct behavior”, “rules”, and a banal extension of the school system most of us have grown up with: “Have you done your homework”, “Have you understood the content “,” how good are you. ” Most of us on the path of self-development are further from that; we want more, we will grow, and we will grow TOGETHER. With our teachers, each other, and with all the knowledge we have gathered over the years, which now needs to be refined, mirrored and upgraded. We have, in my eyes, grown out of the sitting-by-the- guru´s-feet age. We are too educated. We want qualified counterplay at eye level, and that product is delivered by people like Harmke and Michaël.

So, besides being really happy for each other – let’s say totally in love to an extent where morning hugs, finger kisses and encouraging smiles are natural elements in a buissy day -they are also able to combine their own thorough background in yoga and meditation in a way, where not one word lands in a banal tone. Formulated so the recipient feels included. Not spoken “to” but “with”. I think everyone knows the difference.

But…in the spirit of the two – let’s hear what they themselves tell about their yoga center:

-We originally wanted to create a center where the combination of life-awareness and yoga melt together, Harmke tells. We did not formulate it so explicitly, it grew out of itself. First, we spent some years cultivating the discipline in ourselves, and then the day came when we wanted to share it with others.

-In addition, it is very important for us that our students feel free and safe to make their own choices during the day. Not only in the yoga class where everybody is encouraged to listen to the limits of their own body – but also in their spare time between the hours. There are no expectations in us that the participants use the area in a particular way. If you want to surf, horse ride or sleep in a hammock – is equal valuable in our eyes. It takes pressure and expectations out of the meeting.

-Finally, it may not be insignificant to mention that we are both grown up in homes where gratefulness for the small and great gifts of life was an integral part of everyday life, Michaël explains. Thank you for the food, for the good health, for the opportunity to travel, see the world, each other … a life setting we want to share with our students. Because modern culture so often is based upon the opposite – to “move on”, “fetch/get more”, “become better”. So for us the the free choice combined with gratitude is the inner core of our center.

* Read more about Meka Yoga here: https://www.mekayogaretreats.com/

* To get to Meka Yoga in Sagres, you fly to Faro and take either a rented car og shuttle bus. Travel time from the airport: 1 hour 15 minutes.





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