Helene Krenchel teaches students from all walks in life the art of sensing life fully and with all senses sharpened – sight, hearing, tactile and taste

Being kind to yourself is the main theme with my students these weeks. Young students from not so easy backgrounds that have close to never learned the art of taking care of themselves.
How do we do that? Well, that is as variable as we are people but one thing is sure – without a sense of body…it becomes foggy. Knowing ones own borderlines from the bodysensations; tactile, sight, hearing and listening is a helpfull gateway in the proces of being kind to oneself. To know: What do I prefer? What feels good to me? Where and with whom do I flourish, grow and spread my wings?
Questions my students are invited to ask themselves each day when we go for our long walks in the woods. In silence because in silence you have a chance to hear the answers.
Over time the knowledge grows in their bodies and minds. They know when to say no and yes to suggestions, when to move forward and when to make a hold and re-think things. A wonderfull, giving (for all) process that over time and in the coming years of their lives seems to have a profound meaning. Study-/friendship-/health- and living wise.








Wild nature

Every Monday and Tuesday morning I take a 60 minutes walk with my students. In nature. Young people age 18-30, soft and sensitive  sometimes feeling blue and low. We climb, hang out and do trunk-medicine. After 10 minutes: Mood gone, high vibration!
The Japanese have a word for this: “Shinrin-yoku” meaning “forest bathing” – a mindfull bath in the forest´s healing oils.
Did you know that trees give off organic compounds that support our “NK” (natural killer) cells that are part of our immune system’s way of fighting illness? Scientific studies demonstrate these healing effects:
* Increased energy level
* Boosted immune system functioning with an increase in the body’s Natural Killer (NK) cells
* Reduced blood pressure
* Reduced stress
* Improved mood
* Increased ability to focus, even in children with ADHD
* Accelerated recovery from surgery or illness
* Improved sleep

Go enjoy your forest walk and let me know how it works.
Mindfull greeting!



Goals that work

Goal driven? I always realise the trance of setting one goal after the other when the scenery changes. You know that feeling?

Cure? Attitude of gratitude. Take time each day to devote your attention to what is already thriving in your life.

It works wonders – your breath suddenly calms down, your perspecitve widens and your sense of flow, beingness and grounding grows. So much to be gratefull for; relationships, friends, difficulties that get solved, stuck feelings that are transformed…   

Working in the beautifull Memmo Baleira in Portugal – is grace

Easy to say, I know, when the office temporarily has moved to heavenly conditions. But hey – it´s only temporary as all around us is. After that a new scenery emerges, and another and… all to be grateful for. 

Let Tao proceed to do nothing and yet leave nothing undone.


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Love unites

Last week I completed a six months long education with 16 hours examination. Lots of feedback from co-students and teachers (yoga). 26 students, all felt the so familiar nervousness also called fear. Being exposed bodily and mentally on stage is in itself a stretch. Receiving feedback//critics on top – is really a teeth shaker and mouth drier.
The group decided silently not to fall into the well known trap of pointing fingers but share from an honest, loving, open heart. The good stuff and the stuff to work on.
Healing fear together is such a liberating experience. Friends, colleagues, lovers, family members. Maybe The Most important job of all. Dive under the surface together and face whatever tightens us up and breathe through it. Expose ourselves to it and accept that we sometimes don´t know what lies behind. But we trust the opening that awaits on the other side. Just Like the yoga-asanas teach us. Open up to our true authenticity, love and compassion.
The World needs our healed hearts.



Happy Child

Nourishing the Inner Child floating on Ragusa surrounded by pastel dollhouses – is one way to make the daily practice of reconciling.

In Buddhism reconciling the Wounded Inner Child is when we become aware that we´ve forgotten the child in ourselves and feel great compassion for it.

The seeds of awakened understanding and happiness is handed down to us from our ancestors. We just have to use them. With our mindful breath and mindful steps, we can produce the energy of mindfulness and return to the awakened wisdom lying in each cell of our body. That energy will embrace us and heal us, and will heal the wounded child in us.

So much healing in parenting your inner child. Treat it with kindness and respect. Remembering that healing happens in different ways and time-frames. What works one month might change categorically the next. According to the child’s needs being met.

How do you heal your inner child? In nature? Visiting old favourite places? Play? Laugh?…

If you feel curious about the Mindfull way to Inner Child healing contact through mail and book a Skype session:




Creative thinking

‘Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.’ Kinky Friedman

In my experience, the more I look toward my own moments of spontaneous change, the more those moments seem to occur. Like first time I dared to teach without a manuscript – and found my students surprisingly awake after class 😉 And followed that path ever since (10 years ago). Where did the advice come from? From a silent whisper inside almost not heard in the noise of education, advice and traditional teaching.
Or the day I decided to slow my pace to the almost unbelievable and realised.. I achieved the double. Again the inspiration came from a deep down knowledge reached by peeling off layers of habitual thinking.

How often have we not all been taught to copy and learn from successful people. But not two persons are alike – so what to copy..? We all have the golden answers inside. Do listen – deep.

How do you love your dog? How do you dig into your OWN spontaneous changes advised by inner wisdom? My way is to allow the thoughts to flow by and simply let the inner wisdom pop up spontanously with all its beauty. And along the way embrase the rational mind as it feels insecure not being center stage. Embrace it with mindfull loving kindness?

Do you feel curious finding back to your own inner guidance? Book a session on Skype and I´ll love to coach you on the way.



Goodbye slave master!

Tid til venlig omsorg

Et gennemgående spørgsmål når jeg holder kursus i Mindfulness er: “Hvordan fyrer vi den indre slavepisker? Ham/hende der konstant fortæller os, at vi ikke gør nok, præsterer nok, når nok…”

Spørgsmålet er dybt relevant, for slavepiskeren har det med at dukke op – selv når du er trænet i meditation. For lad os være ærlige; når tempo, tid, travlhed og tryk på gaspedalen tager over i vores liv – tager slavepiskeren let styringen. Hende eller ham, der aldrig synes nok er nok; hele tiden finder på nye planer; sjældent er tilfreds med dagens gøremål og altid er på udkig efter nye præstationer…fortsæt selv.

Hvad er kuren? Jamen, tør jeg nævne det – Mindfulness. Min favorit i ALT også, når det kommer til slavepiskere. Hvorfor? Fordi det er SÅ godt at gå de indre skyggersider grundigt igennem og mindfuldt konstatere, at jo travlere vi er, jo lettere smutter skrappeMaren gennem tolden med sine stramme miner og nihalede piske: ”Hvorfor nåede jeg ikke det? Hvorfor gjorde jeg ikke det? Hvorfor synes jeg det, når de andre ikke gør..?” fyld selv ind.

Og med mindfull påmindelse mener jeg; indrømme at ”ja, sådan er det fat engang imellem”, og derefter kærligt og omsorgsfuldt lade indsigten ”stå”, som de siger på TV. Ikke rode og regere med den, men bare kigge på den og nysgerrigt spørge sig selv: ”Hvorfor mon jeg falder for den rolle i perioder? Hvad har tricket den?”

Gode, solide, møg ubehagelige spørgsmål, som vi alle ind imellem må stille os selv, hvis vi vil videre. Videre i betydningen; lære os selv at kende, så vi kan rejse os over os selv, og ikke hænge fast i os selv. Som gummistøvler i dybt mudder.

Og til den proces er Mindfulness genial, fordi du stille, roligt og vedholdende møder dig selv og dine tanker under meditation, hvor fokus hviler på dit åndedræt. Hver dag, 20 minutter ad gangen. Så meget at roen indfinder sig, og du får overskud til at kigge på fx slavepiskeren.

Det er ikke til at vide, hvad der vokser ud af det møde. Måske lysten til at handle anderledes fremover…? Måske ikke. Hovedsagen er, at du møder dig selv, uden at fylde på og løbe videre.

Det fede er, at meditation kan foregå hjemme i sofaen, på stuegulvet eller…hvis tiden er til det: På et retreat. Uanset hvor bliver du undervejs klogere på slavepiskeren og alle de andre gestalter, der herser rundt med dig. Så du får et mere perspektiveret syn på dig selv, og måske – kun måske får ideer til alternative handlemuligheder.

Ønsker du undervisning i Mindfulness meditation, kan du kontakte mig på: 40 52 83 16 eller     Jeg er uddannet Mindfulness Intruktør, cand mag og coach


Goodbye slave master

A recurring question when I hold courses in Mindfulness is: “How do we fire the inner slave Master?” He/she who constantly tells us that we do not do enough, prove enough, master enough … ”

The question is profoundly relevant, because the slave master has it way of showing up – even when you are trained in meditation. Let’s be honest; When the pace, time, bustle and pressure of the speed takes over – the slave Master easily takes control. Her or she who never thinks enough is enough; Constantly finds new plans; Rarely is satisfied with today’s chores and is always looking for new achievements …

What is the cure? Well, dare I mention – Mindfulness. My favorite in ALL, also when it comes to slave masters. Why? Because it’s so good to go through the inner shadows and note that the busier we are, the easier it hurts. “Why did not I get it? Why did I not do that? Why do I think this when the others don’t´?”

And by this I mean; Admit that “yes, so it is sometimes”, and then lovingly and meticulously let the insight “stand” as they say on television. Do not worry and work on it, but just look at it and curiously ask yourself: “Why do I fall for that role in periods? What’s the trick of it? ”

Good, solid, unpleasant questions that we all have to ask ourselves if we want to evolve. In the sense; Get to know ourselves so that we can rise above ourselves and not get stuck in ourselves. Like rubber boots in deep mud.

And for that process, Mindfulness is brilliant because you quietly, calmly and persistently meet yourself and your thoughts during meditation, where the focus rests on your breath. Every day, for 20 minutes at a time. So much that calm resides and you get an overlook, for example, at the slave pointer.

It is not to know what is growing out of that meeting. Perhaps the desire to act differently in the future …? Maybe not. The main thing is that you meet yourself without filling up and moving on.

The nice thing is that meditation can take place at home in the couch, on the living room floor or … if time is up: on a retreat. No matter where you choose, you get wiser on the slave master and all the other inner characters that push around with you. So you get a more perspective view of yourself, and maybe – only maybe get ideas for alternative options.

If you want teaching in Mindfulness meditation, contact me at: 40 52 83 16 or  I am educated Mindfulness Intructor, Cand Mag and Coach



Win the Lottery!

(English translation below)

”God søvn, overskud til familien, fokus på arbejde, gang i sexlivet…” er bare nogle af de feedbacks, kursister giver efter seks ugers Mindfulness træning. De kommer med træthed og går med gevinst i Lotteriet – i form af overskud, balance mellem arbejde/fritid og god samvittighed ift familie, venner og sig selv.

Hvordan? Fordi de har sat 20 minutter af hver dag til at sidde stille med sig selv og deres åndedræt i dyb meditation. Tænk over det; 20 minutter?! – hvor meget er det ud af et helt liv? En dag? En karriere? Enig…ingenting! Så enkel er Mindfulness – når den bliver passet og vedligeholdt. 20 minutter hver dag, stille på en stol med lukkede øjne og fokus på dit åndedræt.

Teknikken kan alle lære; den skal bare indarbejdes. Og når først overskuddet vågner, oplever de fleste en længsel efter mere harmoni. Sundere mad, mere motion, gladere tanker, afspændte muskler, berøring og latter. Som igen genererer overskud, energi, glæde og balance.

Den store inspirator i mit liv til at leve et mindfullt liv – var min oldefar. Han var klog mand i Jylland; cyklede fra gård til gård og helbredte folk med sine kloge ord om sundhed. For sin tid var han usædvanlig (1940-erne); fordi han vidste vildt meget om mad som medicin, glade tanker, livgivende humor og motion. Han kunne mageligt have kørt fra gård til gård i egen bil, men valgte cyklen. Han strikkede sine egne trøjer i ren uld og rev de kunstige såler af skoene og erstattede dem med læder. At han så også gik over stregen nogle gange med mystiske tinkturer, der nær tog livet af folk – er en anden sag. Hans holistiske grundholdning var banebrydende, og det er jeg ham dybt taknemmelig for.

Sådan tror jeg, vi alle kender eller har en tæt på os, som inspirerer os til at bryde med hamsterhjulet og leve afbalanceret. Bringe meditation og motion, mad, latter og skønhed ind i tilværelsen, så energibeholdningen får et boost. Ren gevinst i Lotteriet!

Du kan booke 6 ugers kursus i Mindfulness hos mig under “Kontakt” eller på og mobil: 40528316.





“Good sleep, energy for the family, focus at work and a rejuvenated sex life …” are just some of the gains many of my mindfulness participants talk about after mere six weeks of mindfulness training. They bring fatigue and leave with a jackpot – in terms of energy, balance in work/leisure and a good conscience in relation to family, friends and themselves.

 How? Because they have set aside 20 minutes a day to sit quietly with themselves and their breath in deep meditation. Think about it; 20 minutes?! – how much is that out of a lifetime? One day? A career? Agree … nothing! So simple is Mindfulness – when it is cared for and maintained. 20 minutes each day quietly on a chair, eyes closed and focus on your breath.

 Everyone can learn the technique; it just has to be incorporated. And once the surplus wake, most people experience a longing for more…more harmony, self-responsibility, healthier food, more exercise, happier thoughts, relaxed muscles, touch and laughter. Which in turn generates more energy, joy and balance.

 The great inspiration in my life to live a holistic life – is my great-grandfather. He was a wise man in Jutland; cycled from farm to farm and healed people with his wise words about health. For his time he was unusual (1920s); because he had a deep knowledge about food as medicine, happy thoughts, life-giving humor and exercise. He could comfortably have run from farm to farm by car, but chose the bike. He knitted his own sweaters in pure wool and tore the artificial soles of the shoes and replaced them with leather. That he also went over the line sometimes with mysterious tinctures, that almost killed people – is another matter. His basic attitude in renewable holism was unique, and I am deeply grateful to him.

 And so I think we all know someone or have a person close to us, that inspires us to live a balanced life. Through meditation and exercise, food and laughter, healthy sex and beauty to strengthen our energy and create quality in life. The absolute win in Lottery!

You can book the 6 week course in Mindfulness with me under “Contact” or and mobile: +45 40528316th


Intuition and mindfulness

Ro, stilhed og intuition

Jeg bliver hver dag stillet et meget vigtigt spørgsmål i mit arbejde med elever og klienter: “Hvordan mærker jeg MIN kerne? Hvordan finder jeg MIT unikke bidrag til verden?”

Hver gang giver jeg det samme svar: “Ved at lytte til din intuition.” Gæt hvad det næste spørgsmål er? Ja netop: “HVORDAN fornemmer jeg min intuition?”

Det er dét, jeg vil tale med dig om, kære læser, i dette indlæg. Gennem en frisk oplevelse fra mit eget liv.

I 2015-16 lignede mit job en tredobbelt ansættelse. Jeg underviser deltids i en politisk styret organisation, og i 2015 væltede reformerne ind. ALT skulle omlægges og gerne i flere omgange uden pauser og over et år. Resultat? Trætte og udmattede medarbejdere.

Og hvad har det med intuition og unikke evner at gøre? Det skal jeg sige dig; den udmattede hjerne/psyke træffer ofte udmattede rutinebeslutninger. Sådan var det også for en kort bemærkning i mit liv. Så i januar 2016 hvor min udmattelse var nået sit højdepunkt, fik jeg og mine kolleger pålagt at holde ferie i 3 fastlagte uger i juli – også kaldet industriferien. Det var nyt for mig, jeg plejer at vælge min ferie selv og helst i september. Nu sad jeg med tre skemalagte uger og i min pressede hjerne handlede det om at finde en plan i-en-fart. Valget faldt på 3 uger i 40 graders varme i Grækenland på en yogalæreruddannelse på 200 timer. Fra 7 morgen til 22 aften i stift stræk og naturligvis afsluttende med en eksamen.

Til min ros skal jeg sige, at det tog kun et par uger at indse det glade vanvid i beslutningen. Og til arrangørernes endnu større ros fraskrev de mig forpligtelsen til uddannelsen, da de hørte min arbejdssituation. Så jeg fik den ferie og hvile, jeg havde brug for, og vendte tilbage med mit autentiske jeg i kufferten.

Når vi mennesker befinder os i hjerneforvirring, stressede tanker, udmattet psyke – er vi ikke mindfulde, og når vi ikke er mindfulde, kan vi ikke høre vores egne unikke, intuitive tanker. De er messed op med to-do lister, handleplaner, løben-på-stedet og meget lidt afbalanceret stilhed med plads til friske tanker.

Intuition og mindfulness følges ad hånd i hånd. Dit autentiske jeg.
Intuition og mindfulness følges ad – ind til dit autentiske jeg.

Så, hvad er kuren? For at komme tilbage til intuitionen, er vi nødt til at stoppe op og blive stille. Trække vejret mindfuldt, kigge på de kaotiske følelser, rumme dem, acceptere dem og ja, endog omslutte dem med omsorg, og langsomt og gradvist bevæge os tilbage til dét sted i os selv, hvor vi er-os-selv. Derfra – og KUN derfra – dukker intuitionens stemme op med unikke tanker/ønsker/lyster/længsler.

Jeg har set det ske om og om igen med mine elever og klienter. Når vi først får indført regelmæssighed og ro i deres liv, dukker den autentiske side op. På samme måde kan du, kære læser, finde ind til DIN intuition. Ved målrettet at trække i håndbremsen, sætte tempoet ned, give dig selv space og langsomt vende tilbage til dig selv.

Ønsker du at arbejde med din ro og intuition, kan du booke tid hos mig under “Kontakt” på bloggen. 12233060_991308524264069_1339974955_n_2





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