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My first book “Balsam for the Soul” was published in 2000 and is reprinted in 2017, as an ebook (see link below).
A handy book for anyone with stress. 63 exercises in alphabetical order that bring peace to your body and soul. The angle is mindful in sense: Bring conscious presence into your everyday life to calm the nervous system.

Quote from the book: “This is what this whole book is about: your daily tasks become an overall whole of that you give equal attention. So you do not rush through the so-called boring tasks in order to reach The fun. The boring tasks are just as mind-demanding and grounding to perform – so why not make them interesting by giving them your full concentration? Real attach yourself to the details and get an experience out of it. Mindfull and present. ”

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“Lifestyles – Find Your Way Through Your Life “was released in 2002 and is aimed at anyone with appetite for changing life style. If you want to change career, skip bad habits, get fit, learn to live in the moment or grab the day – the book offers 11 real-life-stories, all showing how to do it.
The main characters have in common that at some point in their lives they recognized that they wanted to try out new ways of life. They reached all their goals. The book reproduces thoughts, feelings and techniques along the way. In addition, you will find a number of handy exercises that will help you achieve your goal.
Quote from the book: It’s my experience after 15 years of personal development work that where we humans travel the most is when we hear the neighbor , the friend or colleague tells about his personal development. Then the courage in us increases to do the same. “


PSYKOLOGI, article on my stay at the buddhist munk Thich Nhat Hanh in Plum Village, Bordeaux in 2006.   Thich rejse

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